Dog Training

Dog Training

1 hour

Starting from £20

Dog training requires plenty of time and dedication from the owner, to maintain constant improvements throughout the dog’s life.

In the ideal world this includes training in all weather conditions, 365 days a year, and not just for 5 mins when the sun is shining! 


Whatever the breed and age of your dog, training ideally should be carried out on a daily basis. The optimum type and amount of time training will vary according to owner and dog, but I will work with you to ensure you are able to factor your bespoke training programme into everyday life. 

Training can involve dealing with:

  • loose leash walking
  • recall & obedience training
  • jumping, mouthing, biting
  • barking, chewing
  • toilet training
  • crate training
  • socialisation & environmental training
  • lead reactivity
  • separation anxiety

We can work on only some of the above issues within a group class, however all of these issues can be dealt with within an in-person one to one session and you'd be surprised how much you can earn via our online sessions.

Please note that any dog which had not trained with us before needs to be assessed before they can sign up to a group class. We highly recommend that you book a one to one session before you start on one of our group classes.

Dog Training Services:

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