Group Training, Pack walks, Workshops

Group Training, Pack walks, Workshops

In order to attend our classes, all dogs have to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date with their flea, tick and worm treatment. 

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Obedience courses £20 per session

These group classes focus on obedience training at different levels (puppy, basic, intermediate and advanced obedience).

Pack walk £20 

Pack walks are a great way to socialise your dog. They will be exposed to different environments and will be taught how to behave in different ‘real-life’ situations like in town, in a pub, or in the park around other dogs and people. Please note that all dogs have to be assessed before they can be signed up.

Socialisation with livestock £20

At this workshop we usually work around sheep and/or chickens (however the type of animal may vary). 

We cover:
- Dog's body language - what to look out for
- Arousal levels
- Impulse control
- Management techniques

K9 Confidence Course £20

During these sessions we will build your dog's confidence by utilising our purpose built obstacle course. This contains a variety of obstacles at height, slippery and moving surfaces, as well as obstacles of differing shapes and sizes. 

Scentwork £20

Only available to those who have completed, as a minimum, a basic level scentwork course with a qualified scentwork instructor. This workshop is specifically for you to be able to give your dogs a 'top-up' and to be able to speak through any problems that you have encountered.

Mantrailing continuation training £27

Only available to those who have completed a Mantrailing UK Introduction with a Mantrailing UK instructor.

Open training £22

Our open training sessions are typically held in groups with others, but I will be working with only one dog and owner at a time. This means that you don’t only benefit from a mini one to one session but also from learning by watching others.

We mainly focus on advanced obedience or if you have any specific request that you would like to work on, we will deal with that if the training environment is suitable.

Workshops last 1.5 - 2.5 hours (depending on the umber of dogs), each dog will be worked between 5-20 minutes (for several rounds when possible), depending on the number of attendees and the training the individual dogs need.

You don’t need to stay for the whole session but we do need to know in advance your expected arrival and departure times so we can make sure that there is availability. You can even just attend without a dog and learn by watching others.

Please note that when a dog is not working, ideally they should rest in the car and wait for its turn and so they don’t affect those who are taking their turn.

**Prices may vary according to the amount of dogs and/or the type of workshop.**

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